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Strongly recommend for any specialist in public and private practice

During my physician training, Medicare billing was not something that was not ever discussed beyond being requested to write new referrals to consultants within my own department for patients whose GP referral had expired. When I started in public and later in private practice, there was never any discussion of appropriate billing practices. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find anything useful or clear on the Medicare websites, so relied on my more experienced colleagues to show me the ropes.

I wish the AIMAC courses had existed when I had started consultant practice – and now that they do, I think they should be compulsory for everyone! Margaret and her team’s clear explanations of the complex legalities behind Medicare billing, the rules of referrals, and documentation requirements have been eye-opening, and have improved my billing practice and compliance by several orders of magnitude. I was shocked to discover how much of the information I had been previously provided was simply incorrect, and how many seemingly common practices are frankly illegal. I strongly recommend the AIMAC courses for any specialist in public or private practice.

Dr Wojt Janowski

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