Brands vs Generics: Myth or Fact?

“Do you just want the generic one?” asked the pharmacist.
What should you say? Come find out.

1 hour, self-paced


Brands vs Generics Myth or Fact

What is this about?

“Do you just want the generic one?” asked the pharmacist. What should you say? Come find out.

Who wrote the course:

Veena Sehgal

With 3 decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry ranging from Product manufacturing, Regulatory affairs, Market Research, Product planning, Corporate strategy, Product management, Sales & Marketing and Global Business Development, Veena embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship in 2015. She is a Director at ‘Cadence Hub’ an organization that provides Technical and Strategic consulting services to pharmaceutical companies to bring about a global vision for various markets differentiated by their regulatory environments and market dynamics with each posing a different set of challenges. Veena has a post graduate degree in Pharmacy and a gold medal to her credit from the most reputed University, UIPS-(University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences), India (The Pharmacy of the World).


What the course covers

This short course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the differences and similarities between branded drugs and generic drugs. As a learner undertaking this short course you will leave with a detailed knowledge of the facts and myths around generics, the laws that govern these drugs, the differences between generics and branded drugs, market dynamics and many more aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. The information and insight provided in this course is world leading and extremely difficult to find elsewhere, presented in such a clear, simple, informative and engaging way. Once you complete this short course you will be able to confidently communicate and give advice on any questions that might come your way on this topic.

How the course is conducted

This course has been designed to be completely independent and self-paced meaning there is no need for intervention from a trainer.


Short Q&A and MCQ.

You are allowed to go back and forth in the courses and re-do quizzes multiple times


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