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“The Health Insurance Act (HIA) [Medicare’s enabling legislation] forms part of the Law of Australia. Perhaps, given the pervasiveness of impact on the Australian medical profession…it ought to form the subject of compulsory, continuing professional development education for the medical profession.”

Karmakar v Minister for Health [2021] FCA 916, 6 August 2021, Logan J.


Medicare is a system of laws of profound complexity, funded by taxpayers, and penalties for non-compliance are serious. Our subscriptions have been carefully crafted by expert lawyers, and are suitable for all Australian health practitioners, as well as international medical graduates (IMGs) who plan to work, or are working, in Australia.

We strongly recommend the ‘I know nothing’ subscription for all IMGs.

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I know a fair bit
$100 per month
(billed annually)
The Medical Billing
Essentials Pack
Two ‘How to Bill’ Videos
10 learning hours
SAVE $310

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I have knowledge gaps
$125 per month
(billed annually)
The Medical Billing
Essentials Pack
Four ‘How to Bill’ Videos
One additional CPD course
(excludes packages)
One free webinar
13 learning hours
SAVE $415

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I know nothing
$175 per month
(billed annually)
The Medical Billing
Essentials Pack
All ‘How to Bill’ Videos
Three additional CPD courses
(excludes packages)
Three free webinars
One group session with peers*
Unlimited medical billing support^
Annual subscription to Croakey Health Media
Discounts to all events
17 learning hours plus unlimited support
Save $760

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How to Bill videos $30 each | CPD courses $75-$290 each | Webinars $200 each

*Maximum group size is 10. Delivered via Zoom. Content is bespoke, based on requirements.

^All Medicare and medical billing queries answered by Dr Margaret Faux (PhD), Solicitor. Complex questions may take time to answer
and may be posted on at the sole discretion of Dr Faux.

If your organisation is interested in a corporate subscription, or has a specific training requirement for a larger group, please contact us