Wading through Molasses: A qualitative examination of the experiences, perceptions, attitudes, and knowledge of Australian medical practitioners regarding medical billing



Medical billing errors and fraud have been described as one of the last “great unreduced healthcare costs,” with some commentators suggesting measurable average losses from this phenomenon are 7% of total health expenditure. In Australia, it has been estimated that leakage from Medicare caused by non-compliant medical billing may be 10–15% of the scheme’s total cost. Despite a growing body of international research, mostly from the U.S, suggesting that rather than deliberately abusing the health financing systems they operate within, medical practitioners may be struggling to understand complex and highly interpretive medical billing rules, there is a lack of research in this area in Australia. The aim of this study was to address this research gap by examining the experiences of medical practitioners through the first qualitative study undertaken in Australia, which may have relevance in multiple jurisdictions. Read full article >


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