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I know a Fair Bit

Our basic pack comes with over 10 hours of learning content, including 2 videos of your choice, from the ‘How to Bill’ series. Perfect for experienced practitioners who are confident that if they were audited by Medicare or the PSR today, they would pass with flying colours.


I have Knowledge Gaps

Want more? In addition to the content from the basic pack, you get 2 more videos from the ‘How to Bill’ series, one continuing professional development (CPD) course (excludes packages) along with access to a webinar session. This subscription is for those who have always had niggling doubts in certain key areas, and who would like clarity and certainty that they are billing correctly.


I Know Nothing

We are there for you all the way with this package. You get 17 hours of learning content, all ‘How to Bill’ videos, 3 webinar sessions and unlimited support for all your billing queries. Even practitioners who think they know how Medicare works, will benefit a great deal from this comprehensive support and education package. For IMGs, this is the only package to choose.


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