Ethical Medical Billing and the Medicare Benefits Schedule


Hey doctors! Do you want to maximise your Medicare?
Then this course is not for you. It’s time for some introspection. Ask yourself the hard questions with our ethics course.

1.5 hours, self-paced


Ethical medical billing and the Medicare Benefits Schedule

What is this about?

We all like to believe we are responsible people who always do the right thing. But sometimes it’s tough to know what the right thing is. Let this course take you on a journey through the ethical dilemmas in medical billing and give you the perspective you need to make the right decisions.

Who wrote this course?

Margaret Faux

Margaret Faux is a Lawyer who specialises in Medicare and Health Insurance Law. She is also a Registered Nurse and has been involved in medical billing for over 30 years. Margaret is the Founder and CEO of an international medical administration company, Synapse Medical Services, which operates one of the largest medical billing services in Australia. She is a published PhD researcher on the topic of Medicare claiming and compliance and is completing her doctorate at the University of Technology. Margaret’s company works in multiple health systems around the world including having been appointed by a Government body in India to advise on a project mapping the legal framework of India’s health system. Margaret is a regular presenter on the topic of Medicare claiming and compliance and the operation of health financing systems, has made numerous appearances on radio to discuss Medicare issues, and is regularly asked to comment in relation to Australian health sector reform. She also contributes regularly to medical media including contributing to Australian Doctor and Medical Observer as well as being a regular contributor to the Croakey Health Blog. Margaret is also a guest lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, in the Faculty of Health and her publications are available at this link


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What the course covers

This course covers a range of real life scenarios that help you explore ethical dilemmas in the complex world of medical billing. Come to examine your billing practices in a whole new light with our one-of-a-kind ethics course. Walkaway with a framework for honorable and ethical decision making when billing your patients.

How the course is conducted

This course has been designed to be completely independent and self-paced meaning there is no need for intervention from the trainer.


Short Q&A and MCQ


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